Tamara Santini has studied art in the bay area of California, coastal Mexico, and the countryside of Lucca, Italy. Born to an Italian family, Tamara was so inspired by her time in Italy that she sought out official Italian citizenship by jure sanguinis—an inherited right to citizenship by descent. Her artwork is proudly displayed in private collections and corporate settings throughout the United States and Mexico. 

Tamara’s career began as a flight instructor in which she held a Private Pilot’s License, Commercial License, CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating).  She taught for several years in the beautiful central valley of California.  Soaring above the earth she found inspiration in the beauty below, rousing a desire to put that beauty on canvas—and an artist was born!

Moving to Baja has afforded Tamara the opportunity to work full-time as a painter amid a rich cultural landscape. Tamara’s art has an emotional dimension unique to her upbringing and travels. Each piece draws on elements from her journeys and takes on personal meaning as an expression of her experiences. 

Artist Statement

My purpose as an artist is to inspire the observer with images that nourish the heart and soul, instilling a sense of tranquility and pleasure. I treat each painting as a new artistic journey by incorporating various techniques and pulling from experiences that have moved me.

I focus primarily on two styles of painting: mixed media and landscape. With my mixed media art I use collage to blend and transform both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces. The process and materials I use to create a piece are central to its unique quality. The final image evolves and emerges over time through the building of layers and texture that add a sense of depth.

My distinction as a landscape painter is my ability to reduce a scene to its essentials.  This gives the viewer a raw and fresh perspective without the distraction, or visual clutter of too much detail.  Poignant beauty can be reflected in anything—a sunrise or sunset, a moody sea, a hot afternoon, or a peaceful walk on the beach. My work defines the radiance and power of the landscape as I strive to both soothe the heart and provoke the mind.

Creating rhythm and movement in my work is essential.  I seek to slow time, perhaps even halt it for a moment, allowing the viewer to see the world in all its fullness.